It was 2008, and the economy just took a huge hit, and it was heading downward. Thinking because I had a successful landscape company in the Charleston area, I could pull through. That was before everyone with a truck and trailer became a landscaper after being laid off. It cut the installation and maintenance cost almost in half and flooded the market. To make a long story short, I ended up losing everything including a rental property my residence and all of my cars and equipment. It was an intense time in my life, and I had to start all over for my family. 
That's when I sat down to figure out what was next for me and said goodbye to my landscape career with my company Palmetto Scapes & Hydro. I was on a mission to build a business something different that not everyone could do.

That's when I saw this video for the very first time and heard this guy named Bob Harris talking about decorative concrete overlays and the turbo roller. I was hooked and knew that it would go well here in the Lowcountry of Charleston and I would be able to rebuild my life and have another successful business.


Even though Bob or the Decorative Concrete Institute never trained me, I watched all the videos and taught myself the art of overlays. I wish I would have just gotten taught by Bob early on it would have saved me lots of valuable time. I give Bob full credit for leading from a distance back in those days with his fantastic skill set and ability to convey that to others.


Since then Bob Harris & I have become friends and I have had the opportunity to capture him in action at one of his training with Nathan Giffin of Vertical Artisans. At that training, I was able to express to Bob just how impactful that one video was in my life. Bob is a legend that I truly respect in the Decorative Concrete Market and someone who has really shown the way to many up and coming artists.

  JODY SMITH                   NATHAN GIFFIN           BOB HARRIS
Now I have to teach myself everything I know about the internet and the ways to create a brand along with a website. It was time to build my brand, and I was excited, and on a mission so I thought. This creative road was long, and I did the very best that I could and continued to learn daily on what to do to tell the story. I am still learning today and will continue to learn because the internet waits for no one. We can only get better by doing, and it's not always being the best or having it perfect. It's more about the execution of your goals and being real in the process. If you find reward and excitement in the process, then you have already won!
 After meeting Nathan Giffin of Vertical Artisans in 2008 I knew I was headed into Vertical Decorative Concrete I just didn't know to what scale I was going. I started creating videos and creatives for Nathan to simply thank him for the subscription to his online training site VERTICAL ARTISANS that he gave me back in that time.
He said he saw something in me and just wanted to sow into that and help plant a seed. He also said that he wanted us to help each other throughout our careers and that is what we have done. Nathans ability to carve concrete was really at a whole new level and taking the industry by storm.  Once I got the proper training in vertical and theme design I wanted to ease away from overlays and build Coastal Rock Productions.
After these many years of designing, creating, or filming almost everything that has come out of the Vertical Artisans 
Organization. I'm proud to still be creating and managing all of his multiple websites along with a huge social media following all across the internet. There is a lot planned for the future of VA and I'm excited to be a part of it! Now back to the creation of Coastal Rock Productions. 
  Artisans come in many forms. Jody Smith, the owner of Overlay Solutions, LLC  & Coastal Rock Productions, prefers concrete and uses his medium to transform just about any surface from something ordinary to an elegant focal point of your home or business. Smith, is a lifelong resident of South Carolina. He has been trained by some of the top concrete artisans in the world.  He also prefers to create hands-on from start to finish on all of his projects. Always being present results ensures that every project is 100 % completed with the approach of a true artist.
 The primary goal of Coastal Rock productions is to create an ambiance that is fully customized to meet our client's style and needs. Before Jody Smith started his own landscape design business over 25 years ago, he worked with some of the most elite landscape design and installation companies in the Summerville and Charleston area. 
Smith always enjoyed the reward of creating a relaxing and uplifting environment from the initial design phases. The design phase of his projects is what truly excited him most, putting his client's visions on paper and discussing the many options of detail for their project.
 Smith decided to use his previous years of design and installation experience and implement his endless visions into decorative concrete and themed retreats.


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