Vertical Artisans presents The Ultimate Wine Cellar. This site chronicles the daily work of vertical decorative concrete artist Nathan Giffin and others as they fabricate a themed environment. Please feel free to share this site on FaceBook with friends and enjoy the behind the scenes look into this niche market. The episodes created by the team lead by Jody Smith of Going Coastal Web will be released in the Fall of 2017.

   Watching this creative build take place is definitely exciting but not all that this presentation offers. There is the opportunity to learn this craft and unlock the secrets used by artists all over the world. The materials & tools used are also explained and presented, as they are the foundations of our craft.  New Innovations and insights of our craft are explored and explained so that folks understand the potential this crafts offers.

   Finally, who are the people that do this craft?  We hope to show you and introduce them to you locally in your areas. If there are no artists in your area, well then, that means you might want to consider this craft as a hobby or even more.

We hope you enjoy this presentation as it unfolds.



Jody Smith of Going Coastal Web on location at the 2015 World Of Concrete in Las Vegas capturing all the action for Hardscape Systems and Vertical Artisans.  Resulting in the promotional video of the event featured above.